Practice Areas


VFS Partner provides legal services especially in the following areas:

  • Employment and Data Protection Law
  • Banking and Capital Market Law
  • Notarizing right
  • Compliance for financial service providers and industry
  • Inheritance Law
  • Financial Market Supervision Law
  • Corporate and Company Name Law
  • Commercial and Contract Law
  • Tenancy, Real Estate and Construction Law
  • International Administrative and Legal Assistance
  • Legislation on Collective Capital Investments
  • Trademark Law
  • Mergers and Acquisitions / Reorganization
  • Tax and Contribution Law (including Customs Law)
  • Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure Law
  • Law Governing Societies and Foundations
  • Insurance and Liability Law
  • Commercial and Administrative Criminal Law
  • Insolvency and Bankcrupty Law
  • Litigation and Arbitration

The partners at Voillat Facincani Sutter + Partner have each developped within the above-mentioned areas of law their own focus areas (see individual profiles of the partners).